Cryptocurrency and ICO news 26.04.2018

Establishing Order In Your Cryptocurrency Investments


If you already started your cryptocurrency trading or just thinking about it, you probably know how overwhelming it can be considering the number of different cryptocurrencies that keeps growing every day. You can have several independent crypto wallets hosted in absolutely different places and without a chance to automatically totalize them or get any statistics. In this article we recommend you a few tools that will help you turn this financial mess into a single cryptocurrency portfolio with a structured set of all related information.


This is one of the best macOS apps to combine and track multiple cryptocurrencies in a single portfolio. The menu bar of the app at the top of your screen automatically updates prices of the coins you want to track and do it as often as you like. The app supports more than 1,000 coins, and new ones are added as you update the app. Moreover, you can configure CoinWatch to notify you when a coin reaches a certain price, so that you could instantly get a signal to sell or buy the coins. What is interesting, this app works independently from your wallets and does not require that you connect them. You can use it just as an informational tool.


One more impressive app for iOS and Android platforms called Delta and advertised as the ultimate portfolio tracker tool. The app supports more than 2,000 crypto coins and provides you with a wealth of real-time information about each of them. In other words, whatever coin you invested in or want to invest, Delta will be extremely helpful for you to track the coin rate. In addition the app supports even Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) helping you decide which amount of your assets to invest. The team developing Delta has recently added a feature of watchlist and announced that the upcoming versions of the app will allow API integration. Similar to CoinWatch, Delta can be used independently of your crypto holdings. You can input your cryptocurrency assets into the app, and it will be absolutely anonymous.


The last but not the least, Coinbase is one of the most powerful cryptocurrency tools combining functions of a wallet service and a trading platform, though they position themselves mostly as a trading platform. Considering this, Coinbase has quite fast transactions and low fees. Visit their website with beautiful diagrams for each coin providing information on the prices for a time period. You can also use the app for iOS and Android with the same functionality as the website. Currently you can track your assets of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Other coins can also be added to the app when the cryptocurrency becomes well-established.

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